Call for Poster for the Summer Institute of the Historial Research Centre : Initiations? The Experience of Modern War (1853-2013)

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Call for posters

Summer Institute



Organized by:

– International Research Center, Historial de la Grande Guerre (Péronne, France)

– Institut Historique Allemand (Paris, France)

– Université Blaise Pascal / CHEC (Clermont-Ferrand, France)

– EHESS (Paris, France)

– Université Picardie Jules Verne (Amiens, France)

– Université du Luxembourg (Luxembourg)


In partnership with:

– Université franco-allemande

– Mission du centenaire


From June 30 to July 5, 2014, the Historial de la Grande Guerre will host both an international conference and a Summer Institute for young researchers at the masters and doctoral levels.


The conference, “Initiations? First Moments in the First World War,” will be held from June 30 to July 2. The Summer Institute will run from June 30 through July 5.

The conference welcomes 30 specialists of the First World War, and the Institute provides the opportunity for 30 young scholars to join them in Péronne.

The Summer Institute seeks to broaden the themes introduced by the conference by widening the temporal scope to include all modern conflicts, from the Crimea through the wars of the 21st century.


Beginnings, foundational experiences, initiations, inaugural practices—each of these terms opens different frames for possible interpretation. By encouraging analysis at both the individual and collective level, the goal of the conference—and, more broadly, of the summer institute—is to rethink wartime experiences. How do historical actors use their first experience in these “modern” conflicts to perceive, endure, and, later, “construct” their war?


We hope to encourage social and cultural histories that are intrinsically comparative and open to the influence of other fields in the social sciences—such as anthropology, psychology, and law.

Behind the question of the “initiation” to modern war, is thus an interrogation of the “power of beginnings.” The Institute will endeavor to place the Great War within the longer history of modern conflicts.



Interested students should submit: a one-page summary of their relevant current research; and a one-page CV. Those selected for the summer institute will participate in all scheduled events and will also present a poster (in A1 format, this equals 841 mm x 594 mm or 23.4 Inches x 33.1 Inches). A tutorial for the realization of posters will be provided. Contributions and posters that examine questions related to “other fronts” are encouraged.

The working languages of the Institute will be French, English, and German. Participants must be fluent in one of these languages and have a good knowledge of at least one of the others.

The age limit for consideration is 35. Candidates must be enrolled as masters or doctoral candidates at an accredited university.

25 candidates will be selected from this call. The five remaining spots will be filled by this year’s winners of the Gerda Henkel research grant from the International Research Center.

The date for submission of abstracts is 31 March 2014, by email, to:


Additional information

The conference will house the successful candidates in Péronne and provide all the meals. Travel costs to Péronne can be defrayed up to a maximum of 150 Euros for students from France and 200 Euros for students from abroad. There are no registration fees for the Institute or the conference.

Certificates of participation that might be needed to obtain a university (for instance ECTS) credit can be provided if requested in advance.


Provision schedule

Sunday, June 29

Afternoon: Welcome. Guided tour of the museum by the founding members of the research center.

Evening: Dinner buffet at the museum. Display of posters and workshop introducing the Summer Institute (1 hour). Working groups.


Monday, June 30

Morning and afternoon to 6:00PM: Conference: Sessions 1 and 2.

6:00-7:00PM: Award of Gerda Henkel research grants from the International Research Center of the Historial de la Grande Guerre.

8:30-10:00PM: Keynote lecture: Annette Becker, “The Great War and Extreme Violence Against Civilians: An Initiation?”


Tuesday, July 1

6:30AM-12:00PM: Commemoration of July 1 on the battlefields (La Boiselle and Thiepval or Beaumont-Hamel).

2:00-6:30PM: Conference: Session 3.

8:00-10:00PM: Screening of La Cicatrice, a new film by Laurent Veray (Université Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3).


Wednesday, July 2

Morning and afternoon: Conference: Sessions 4 and 5


Thursday, July 3

Morning: Workshop and feedback: critique and discussion of the conference led by the students and the organizing committee. Working groups present and discuss their findings from the conference.

Afternoon: Session of posters, with the historians of the International Research Center.

Evening: Keynote lecture


Friday, July 4

Morning: “Literary” visit to the battlefields of the Somme, with Nicolas Beaupré (Université Blaise Pascal – Clermont-Ferrand)

Afternoon: seminar and workshops: “Digital humanities and the First World War”

Evening: Concluding workshop


Saturday, July 5

Departure of participants


Internet presence

The conference and the Summer Institute are supported by the International Research Center’s multilingual “research forum” on Conference and Institute participants may find useful information there, and the forum also provides First World War news, links, documents, archives, brief articles, and editorials…



Or on Facebook:

Or Twitter: @cr_historial


Organizing committee

Nicolas Beaupré (UBP Clermont-Ferrand, CIRHGG, IUF), Caroline Fontaine (CIRHGG), Franziska Heimburger (EHESS), Benoît Majerus (Université du Luxembourg), Nicolas Patin (Institut Historique Allemand, Paris), Manon Pignot (Université de Picardie-Jules-Verne, IUF), Emmanuel Saint-Fuscien (EHESS), Alexandre Sumpf (Université de Strasbourg), Gene Tempest (Boston University), Arndt Weinrich (Institut Historique Allemand, Paris).


Scientific committee

The scientific committee includes all the members of the board of the International Research Center. For more information please see:



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