Emma Morgan


What topic are you working on for your masters degree or doctorate?

I am studying the efficacy of WWI body armour, subsequent skeletal trauma and taphonomic changes due to burial or deceased soldiers. The aim of this work is to identify soldiers currently lying in graves marked “Known Unto God”.

Why did you decide to work on the First World War?

I studied the First World War as part of my school exams and became really interested in the topic. Since, I have read many fictional books set during WWI and also a number of first-hand accounts. As I have progressed through my education and career I felt that there was still a need to identify more soldiers and many families (even 100 years on) require closure and an understanding of what happened to their loved ones.

Which is your favourite book on the First World War and why?

Forgotten Voices of the First World War by Max Arthur. There are many books of this sort available and I have read a few, however this was the first I looked at. I like how this book gives you the history in real time, from real people with real thoughts, feelings and emotions. It is an honest and raw guide to understanding the First World War from the people who lived it.

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